Jaggers Communications Adds Business Development Team Member, Erika Gennari

Erika Gennari, Jaggers Communications

Erika Gennari

More than ten years ago I worked for a metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri-based eyecare company in its marketing department. Every semester we had an intern join us to support our efforts in public relations, internal communications and marketing. Some were forgettable, of course, but some stood out and left an impression of a student with great promise and a solid future in communications.

Fast forward to last year, when, out of the blue I received an e-mail from one of those outstanding interns. She was moving to Charlottesville, Va. and had heard from a mutual friend (the CFO of that eyecare company) that I had settled here. I was — and am — delighted to be reconnected with Erika Gennari. The 21-year-old student I knew then is now a wife, a mother and an experienced professional salesperson, marketer, recruiter and communicator. She’s the same organized g0-getter with boundless energy and ahead-of-her-years professionalism that I admired all those years ago, now with more than ten years’ additional work experience added to her resume.

And so, I’m delighted to share that Erika has joined the Jaggers Communications virtual firm to provide business development outreach and management. Erika will be helping manage the pipeline of prospects for the business, assisting in proposal development and conducting outreach on behalf of the firm. It’s exciting, for me, as the entrepreneur behind a ten-month-old business, to have the opportunity to institute this role in the firm and to be working with Erika again. I know that members of this community will enjoy knowing and working with Erika as much as I do.

Please say hello to Erika on Twitter @erikagennari1 and welcome her to Charlottesville! You can also reach Erika at egennari (at) jaggerscommunications (dot) com


  • NickGilham says:

    Marijean, that is exciting news. So glad to hear that your firm is growing and thriving and that you are able to give opportunities to others.

  • Marijean says:

    @NickGilham Thanks so much, Nick. One of the reasons I went into business for myself is just this: to bring opportunities to others like Erika. So pleased to see it becoming a reality.

  • KenMueller says:

    Welcome aboard, Erika. I guess that means you’ll be getting sick of me in the way @Marijean does.

  • ErikaGennari1 says:

    Thanks, Marijean! It is so fun to be working with you again. I’m not sure if it’s awesome or weird that neither of us has changed all that much in 10 years. I’m going with awesome. And thanks, Ken. I’ve been following your blog. I really like what you have to say. Looking forward to hearing more!

  • Marijean says:

    @ErikaGennari1 I agree — it’s totally awesome!