My Love for Charlottesville Reaches 4 Million Readers

In September’s issue of Woman’s Day magazine (2011) you’re going to see a familiar face. In the feature, A Woman’s Day . . .  in Charlottesville, Virginia I contributed some of my favorite things to do and places to go in this beloved city I call home.

In a town like this, a feature in a major national women’s magazine is news . . . so last night I was on the local affiliates of both CBS and NBC, talking about the experience and how I chose what to share with the magazine’s readers, in case they plan on visiting.

I love the flow of this process: I blogged about 32 small things we like about Charlottesville –> that attracted a reporter to my blog when she was looking for a “woman in Charlottesville.” She said, while Googling, “I just kept running into you.” –> Interview completed, article developed, family portrait taken by local photographer Chris Scott (thank you, again Chris!) –> Article appears –> television coverage on two stations –> I’m blogging about the experience. Full circle!


Here’s the TV news clip from CBS-19:


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  • Lisa Gerber says:

    I LOVE THIS STORY!!! ahhh, the power of blogging. I so relate, I feel the same way about my town of Sandpoint, Idaho. now you’ve inspired me. I’ve let my personal blog stall completely. I keep saying I need to pick it up. in my spare time!