A Love Letter to Charlottesville

Dear Charlottesville,

I love you.

On Tuesday, I joined my team at your Chamber’s Spring Luncheon. We were a sponsor and Marijean said a little something about communications. People clapped. It was great.

I got a chance to chat with Rachel of Alison Partners about innovative business thinking and how her background in design has greatly influenced her company’s success in organizational strategy and development. This was followed by a booming, passionate speech by Mike London, UVA Football Coach. I nearly strapped on some cleats. The speech and supporting football clips did exactly what they were meant to, shook us out of our post lunch daze and made us sit up and listen. Finally, I had the privilege of sitting with Amos Gilkey of CleanWaveGroup. He was explaining to me how his company is a catalyst for inventors needing a business plan and technological ideas that need shaping and packaging. Their support translates into new revenue streams and growth into overseas markets.

Charlottesville, I love you. I love that this much passion and excitement dwells in a town of 100,000. I love that we could go to a winery, a presidential estate, and a talk on innovation in the same day if we wanted to.

Sometimes I think you get a bum wrap being compared to DC. You may be small. But you, my friend, are mighty.