My Love for Charlottesville Reaches 4 Million Readers

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In September’s issue of Woman’s Day magazine (2011) you’re going to see a familiar face. In the feature, A Woman’s Day . . .  in Charlottesville, Virginia I contributed some of my favorite things to do and places to go in this beloved city I call home.

In a town like this, a feature in a major national women’s magazine is news . . . so last night I was on the local affiliates of both CBS and NBC, talking about the experience and how I chose what to share with the magazine’s readers, in case they plan on visiting.

I love the flow of this process: I blogged about 32 small things we like about Charlottesville –> that attracted a reporter to my blog when she was looking for a “woman in Charlottesville.” She said, while Googling, “I just kept running into you.” –> Interview completed, article developed, family portrait taken by local photographer Chris Scott (thank you, again Chris!) –> Article appears –> television coverage on two stations –> I’m blogging about the experience. Full circle!


Here’s the TV news clip from CBS-19:


Taking the Online, Off Line: BlogVille

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I am a big believer and promoter in the practice of taking online relationships off line and in person. I believe that the virtual relationship is cemented in that voice-to-voice conversation or in-person encounter. Sure, long-term and solid relationships can begin and even thrive online, but if you have the chance to meet in real life, why not take it. That is one of the many features of events like BlogVille and other social media or blogger gatherings. People who have interacted in one way or another finally come face to face and magic happens. I was so energized by the conversations around collaboration happening all around me at BlogVille and by watching faces light up when recognition happened for those who only knew one another by a Twitter handle.

When’s the last time you took an online relationship off line?