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How to Tweet like a Total Douchebag

By Social Media
  1. Disrespect the hashtag. Use it frequently and with no real purpose. Ignore the fact that hashtags exist to enable useful searches or to allow users to find one another. Nope. Just put a hashtag in front of every word you think makes you #awesome.
  2. Wear a suit and tie in your profile shot. Or, if you’re a woman, make sure it’s one of those Glamour shots from the mall. In any case, make sure it’s impossible to distinguish you from other douchebags when spotted on the street or in the airport. (You’re important so you’re flying around a lot, right?)
  3. Make sure you mention your clients/customers/people who are paying you the big bucks in as many tweets as possible. It makes you legit.
  4. Don’t ever forget to tell us what a killer workout you just had. You’re inspiring us!
  5. Even if you’re not a true celebrity, make sure your Twitter name begins with “the real;” you know; how else are we going to know it’s you, for sure?

Jaggers Communications Offers Twitter for Business Workshop

By Jaggers Communications News


For more information, contact:

Marijean Jaggers




WHAT: Public relations firm Jaggers Communications and nationally-recognized social media educator Marijean Jaggers offer a Twitter for Business lunch time session. The workshop offers information for businesses to help increase social networks, reach business communications goals and develop the right kind of relationships. This session will cover best practices, Twitter management tools and methods of measuring success.

 WHEN: Friday, Sept. 23, Noon to 1p.m. Fee: $49. Register online: http://twitterforbusinesscville.eventbrite.com/

 WHERE: OpenSpace, (next to ACAC downtown) 455 Second Street SE, Ste. 100, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Parking is available on Second Street or Garrett Street.

 WHO: This session is $49 to attend and is open to the public. Business owners, employees and marketers should attend.

 NOTE: Participants should bring a brown bag lunch. Drinks and dessert will be provided.



About Jaggers Communications

Jaggers Communications is a strategic communications firm that provides organizations in health care, education and science-based business with social media consulting, public relations support and reputation management strategy. The firm was founded in 2011 to serve businesses and nonprofits with a need for strategic communications with effective reach. www.jaggerscommunications.com


WTF? Friday: Quoting others on Twitter Ad Nauseum

By Communications

WTF FridayI love the flow of Twitter. I feel a rush when a newsworthy event occurs and the stream rises with discussion and news sharing. I have met good friends, learned so much and grown my business because of the way most of us use the platform to communicate.

There’s one practice some engage in on Twitter that just stops me cold: the launching of endless motivational quotes.

There are a few people I followed initially because I know them and am familiar with their work. Time quickly demonstrated to me that their use of this platform has been misguided and that the bulk of their engagement consists of words others have said. I think my friend Emma said it best:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/SocialMediaEmma/status/83121390449991680″]

What’s a Twitter user to do? Well, I ‘m taking a stand. I’m unfollowing the quoters. It’s such an irrelevant interruption to the conversation I can no longer abide it. How about you?

Jaggers, out.

WTF? Friday: The Five People Who Make Me Nuts on Twitter

By Social Media

WTF FridayFrom time to time I review the list of Twitter users following me. There are many I’m fully aware of and engage with on a regular basis. There are a lot though, that leave me shaking my head.

I’m enjoying the new Klout extension for Chrome , a handy tool that allows me to scan through my list of followers quickly to see who really cares that they’re on Twitter and who’s just screwing around. Anyway, today, my scan through my list and the revelation of  dozens of disengaged followers has really fired me up. Therefore, I give you . . .

The Five People Who Make Me Nuts on Twitter 

You look great! Is that a new haircut? Have you lost weight?

  1. The egg. Really? You’re an egg? Awesome. I’ll be sure to recognize you at the next Tweetup. Please get a photo in there or get out.
  2. The person with no content in their bio. NOTHING. I have no idea who you are, what you’re interested in, where you are or in short, WTF you are doing on Twitter.
  3. The person who set up a Twitter account more than a year ago because, oh, I don’ t know, someone probably told them they needed one, but has never tweeted a single thing. Don’t lurk; engage, you creep. What might actually be worse is the user who has attracted followers and yet tweets maybe once a month or so and never, ever replies to other users.
  4. The person running a Twitter account for a business whose tweets are protected. Kinda ruins the point, doesn’t it?
  5. Here’s a phenomenon I can’t even begin to understand: the user following me because we have the same first name. Can you imagine if my name was Jennifer?

If you’re a Twitter user (with a Klout score of 20 or better), what makes you nuts?

Who Sees @ Replies on Twitter?

By Communications

What? Not work-appropriate?

I’ve been seeing lots of Twitter users making a common mistake. I’m on a mission to help change this.

Here’s the deal: an @ reply, such as the one below, is only visible to the mutual followers of the parties involved. So the following tweet only shows up in the tweet streams of my followers and of @kraftykmay’s. (I had tweeted that I thought I should acquire a fascinator for use in the home office.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/Marijean/status/78560816181411840″]

@kraftykmay and I have a lot of the same friends. They “get” us and would be following the (albeit silly) conversation.

Here’s another example of a tweet that’s a reply, but that would benefit a bigger audience that just the mutual followers.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/RelayFoods/status/78492572342943744″]

Later, I learned about a blog from a girl with cancer and thought that not only my friend Darah Bonham who runs @abolishcancer would be interested in reading more about, but that all of my followers would be interested as well. To make sure all of my followers could see the tweet,  I did something really simple:

I put a . in front of the @

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/Marijean/status/78564244085415936″]

It doesn’t have to be a period — that’s just the simplest solution. Anything put in front of the @ will do.

Now go Tweet and reply (judiciously, of course) so that everyone who follows you may see it.

You’re welcome. Now somebody buy me a fascinator and I promise to post a pic of me wearing it.

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