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The Launching of a New Brand Identity: Six Concepts to Consider

By Communications, Jaggers Communications News, Public Relations

For a couple of years and a number of client projects, I’ve collaborated with Watermark Design to bring design excellence and solid web development to my clients. That was why, when it came time for me to focus on the creation of my own firm’s brand identity, there was no where else I’d rather turn.

I’ve worked with so many brands to help them with new design or redesign; working on this inward-facing project was a different experience! While, as an entrepreneur, I enjoy having the opportunity to make decisions on my own, it was great to have people to whom I could turn with great style, a good eye and opinions I deeply trust.

Wes and Darcey at Watermark have a great process and it was exciting to sit through it as the customer instead of a partner or collaborator. The logo that resulted from our conversations is exactly what I’d hoped to have. Some of the considerations Watermark asked me to ponder included:

  1. The gender of the identity. I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want the logo to be too feminine. It needed to be neutral in color and in style.
  2. The personality. I didn’t want a logo that was too serious or corporate and yet, since the clients I wish to attract are both of these, it needed to convey a larger-firm feel. I also want the brand identity to continue to fit my growing business. I think this meets both of those needs.
  3. The message. When I told Wes that the name of my blog is “Change the Conversation” I could see the wheels in his head begin spinning out of control. The interlocking J and C portrayed as speech bubbles conveys both communications and a conversation and I LOVE the look of them.
  4. The style. With the platforms I use frequently a mark as well as a stylized version of the company name is what I was looking for. I want to be able to use the mark (the JC speech bubbles) independently and to have the brand identified by the mark, even when it appears without the name.
  5. The font. Upon seeing the logo, someone said, “I like the hugging Gs.” Something about the font in the name appealed to me right away — I like to think it is a nod to relationships and how we’re all, somehow, entertwined.
  6. The colors! Oh, this was the hard part, for sure, and the time when I had to pull in my cadre of friends in marketing and design to solicit their opinions. I wavered, I waffled, but I’m very pleased with where I landed. Green was almost a sure thing as one of the elements, as my interest in science, green business and energy and the work I continue to do in these areas is a focus. The blue is a beautiful accompaniment; the two work so well together and I think, offer just the overall look I desired for my business.

I’d love to know what you think of the new look!